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RSS-PHP is released as "good will" gesture to the community and may be used for in-direct commercial purposes. The only restriction being that you do not repackage, or re-release RSS-PHP as your own work.

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Download RSS-PHP v3

Download the latest edition of RSS-PHP the RSS Parser, PHP 5+ required.

RSS-PHP v3 released

RSS-PHP was due for a v2 in late January, however v2 proved to be a little to complex and wasn't pure enough for my liking.

With great joy v3 of RSS-PHP is now released and available for download. This release fixes a couple of tiny bugs and adds far more functionality (its now more of an XML-PHP ;)

  • Full XML support, parse anything XML Based
  • Array to XML conversion, convert XML to Arrays and Arrays to XML
  • XML Modification, turn XML into an array, change values and write the XML back out, preserving the original formatting
  • Encoding Detection and automatic conversion to UTF-8
  • XPath support and functionality
  • Greater flexibility with the addition of getElementsByTagName and getValuesByTagName
  • Preliminary atom support; you can parse it but atom specific methods have not yet been defined
  • Support of Namespaces and ProcessingInstructions
  • Custom Integrated HTTP Transport Handler

Previous Version(s): RSS-PHP v1

The original rss parser for php 5 [ download rss_php v1 ]

A Short RSS-PHP Example :: Remote RSS to JSON for use with AJAX

Here's a simple solution to convert Google News RSS to JSON using RSS-PHP:

require_once 'rss_php.php';    

    $rss = new rss_php;

    echo json_encode($rss->getRSS());

Full documentation and more examples of RSS-PHP are available on this site. Along with some more information.

The full RSS-PHP source is also available on site in formatted XHTML. [ along with another RSS query example using XPath ]

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