RSS-PHP; RSS 1.0 Parser Test Results

RSS-PHP is a free RSS Parser for PHP 5+ - the full introduction is available on the main RSS-PHP Parser page.

RDF Site Summary 1.0 Test

This test uses the original RSS 1.0 sample hosted locally. This sample was extracted from the RSS Spec (1.0), and includes many custom modules including Dublic Core, syndication, company and text input. As with all tests on, this a live test.

The RSS-PHP Test File

require_once '../../rss_php.php';

/* get our RSS Document and UTF8 Encode it */
$rss = new rss_php;

    $rss->load(''); #load the raw RSS into RSS-PHP - RSS-PHP detects and converts encodings itself
print_r($rss->getNamespaces()); #print all extensions/namespaces defined in the xml
print_r($rss->getRSS(true)); #print all rss with attributes and DOMNodes / DOMElements intact

RSS 1.0 Results

These results are generated by including the above test file.

RSS_PHP ERROR : The file specified appears not to be a valid xml file